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PETROTRADE is a Saudi limited liability company, with its head office in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; a network marketing business that sells a full range of lubricants to end consumers.

PETROTRADE was founded in 2011 by a highly respected group of lndividuals who are well versed in local trade and lubricants technology.

We are a Multi-brand lubricant supplier ; specialized in providing lubrication solutions to industrial and commercial sectors. We have satlsfled our clients throughout the Saudl market, and our business covers all regions in Saudi Arabia West, Cen- tral and East regions.


Our customers benefits :

  • Increase productivlty
  • Reduce operating cast
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reducing iubrication cost



Our philosophy:

is in creating a long-term relationship with clients so that the delivery of their products becomes a seamless experience that promotes loyalty and rellability. We deliver products/services wherever, whenever our customers want in a professional and timely manner. PETROTRADE is equipped to handle all of your lubrlcants’ deliveries and meet the needs of any size of the operation.


Mission & Values


PETROTRADE mission is to provide lubrlcation s0lutlons that create value for our customers. We will realize this mission through our commitment to our employees as well as to the highest standards of ser vice, quaiity, integrity, and safety.

Our Values Are Our



Cuctomars: we will detlver our products and servlces ln a professlonal manner that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.


Honesty: we will conduct our business with customers, vendors, and fellow employees In an honest way.


Opportunities: We will strive to get better in all that we do and will continually look for opportunf0es to lmprove.


Innovation: we will condnue to look for ways to add value for our customers and differentiate ourselves from Our competition.


caring: we care deeply about the welfare of tl+e associates of our company, As an organization, we will be a good citizen of the commu- nltles where we operate.


Environment: We wtll be good stewards of the environment and will comply with all local laws and regulations.


Safety: Safety 1s our number one priority and we wlll perform all our activities in a safe manner. we will properly maintain our plants, trucks, and equlpment to create and maintain a safe envlronment.












Fleet needs

Fleet maintenance and management are easier when you have the tools yotj need and the right products.

PETROTRADE assures you will always have a ready supply of products yotj need to maintain your yehides.

PETROTRADE 1s your team of englne oil experts. we deliver quality engine oils for every need including the automobve, off-highway heavy duty, and on highway heavy-duty markets. we offer a full range of engine oils induding  Full Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic, and conventional.


Bulk engine oils

PETROTRADE is a premier distributor of bulk engine oils in every market we serve. wlth the huge bulk capaclty acrass jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam, PETROTRADE has the ability to fulfill your bulk engine oil needs efficiently and compegtively.

Buying engine oils in bulk provide the benefits you would expect includ- ing great pridng, less product handllng, reduced waste from the spent container disposal or handling.




PETROTRADE delivers high quality industrial lubricants to many compa- nies in all regions of the kingdom. PETROTRADE line of industrial lubri- cants runs the full range of product offerings, making sure we can supply you with product no matter your industry and needs. PETRO- TRADE has bulk capacity across the main regions, so we will have the industrial lubricants you need when you need them.

Our braad selection of high-perf0rmance industrial lubricants includes bearing lubricants, compressor lubricants, gear lubricants heat transfer olls, circulating oils, hydraulic lubricants, paper machine lubricants, and more.



Helping Customer Achieve Higher Profit




PETROTRADE lubrication services include lube management inspec- tions, audits, training, maintenance, installations, ance more.

Our Iubncet‹on serv ces are designed to help customers get the most out of the lubricants and become more efficient and profitable.

PETROTRADE cepabilities do not just stop et daily manegemenl of your lubricants, we provide much more. For examples;

Training evenls:

in collaboration with our vendors – to help your team become more knowledgeable about their equipment and the best practices improv- ing their operations.

– Oil analysis and condition monitoring:

It is a program designed to deliver laboratory results to measure contaminants, degradation produrls, additive depletion as well as calculated properties like TAN, TBN, and viscosity within seconds.


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